Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nobelkey, a global leader in recruitment and employment management. With a focus on quality, honesty, and integrity, Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best possible service to both employers and job seekers. The company is headquartered in Nepal but operates globally, with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to meeting the highest global standards.

Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. provides a range of services, including outsource quality, reliable and high-performing human resources to companies and businesses across the world from Nepal, acting as a linkage between employment providers across the world and Nepalese job seekers, and contributing to empowering youths by opening new employment avenues through active linking with worldwide human resource recruitment agencies.

The company also provides various skill-based trainings to potential job seekers and finds suitable job placements across the globe. Its standard quality control strategy ensures that all recruitment procedures strictly focus on picking the best candidate for a job.

Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. has experienced exponential growth over the past decade, in status, size, and global presence in matching and fulfilling the employer’s demand for employees and vice versa. The company views itself as a crest on the horizon of the manpower business, shining brighter to become even more successful in meeting the highest global standard.

As a subsidiary of Nobelkey, Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. benefits from the global resources, expertise, and experience of the parent company. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship based on friendship and diversity with strong ties to its home country as well as its neighboring countries. Joining Employment Link Nepal (P) Ltd. ensures quality, reliable, and high-performing human resources for companies and businesses worldwide.